Wearable Art By Jackie Mirabel

About Jackie



To the uninitiated, when felt artist Jackie Mirabel creates her striking hats
and stunning jackets, stylish scarves and perky GoodieBags™, it looks
like she’s working with cotton candy. Laying out her hand-dyed merino
wool, she peels off delicate pieces and overlays them as she goes,
blending colors into shapes that are largely in her mind’s-eye. “I let my
mind run free when deciding what colors a piece might be, she says.
“And I’m rarely disappointed.”

She has always been comfortable with fashion and style, having worked
in new product development for hair-coloring giant Clairol. She discovered
feltmaking in 2001, and was hooked: “The texture, the feel, the physical
energy it takes to actually felt, shape, and finish –it was and continues to
be an amazing experience.”

And so, a centuries-old craft claimed a 21st-century practitioner. Jackie has
since studied with international felt artists along the way to developing
her unique, personal style.

She has taught felting in the United States and Europe.